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There is a small group of loud and vocal people who are opposed to hunting. It’s hard to miss if you spend any time on social media. They will present arguments that are based on emotions and not science. For this reason I do not debate with these people on social media or in person. Instead, I keep focused on why I hunt and why it’s a positive. Check out my list of reasons why I will never apologize for being a hunter.

Ten Reasons To Not Apologize For Being a Hunter

  1. We are conservationists. Hunters contribute billions of dollars and millions of hours every year dedicated to conservation.
  2. We have a huge and positive impact on the economy. Even a liberal state like California recognizes this.
  3. We provide clean, organic food for our families.
  4. We stay connected to our local ecosystems. Many actively participate by reporting poaching, trash dumpers, etc.
  5. We help control invasive species, such as wild hogs and Eurasian doves.
  6. We reduce the environmental impact of commercial meat production by purchasing less or no commercially farmed meat.
  7. We fight to keep public land in the public’s hands.
  8. We help create new public lands that everyone can enjoy.
  9. We are predators. This is why we have canine teeth and eyes that face forward. This is science.
  10. Hunters are supported by the majority of people. 80% of people support hunting.

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TJ is an avid outdoorsman, with a strong interest in conservation of all species and the preservation of our public lands.

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Never Apologize For Being a Hunter”

  1. I think hunting, or any other means of personally acquiring meat, creates an awareness and appreciation for the animal and therefore the food. Not only does this lead to more conservation and less waste, it can also make eating itself a sacred process. In todays’ world of excess, this is a good thing.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, IntrepidHomesteader. Fine point about eating the animal being a sacred process. I know that we have a lot more respect for the food we make now, as we know where it came from and the effort put into it, in addition to having a more intimate relationship with the animal.

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