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Summertime Means Blackberries. Make Blackberry Sorbet!

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Chicken Fried Squirrel with Morel Gravy

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Swedish Style Bear Steak

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Fall Bounty: Hunting Deer, Small Game and Birds

Finally You can feel it in the breeze, you can see it in the leaves, and if you pay attention, you can see it in the behavior of the critters. Fall is upon us. Even my dog knows: It's time to hunt. Fall marks the start of many months of hunting, lead...

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Fowl Weather Friends – My First Duck Hunt

"God damn it, shut up and stop looking at the sky!" Obviously Craig takes his duck hunting seriously. After a few years of hunting together, Craig had convinced me to give duck hunting a try. "It's fun. You shoot a lot and you always bring home birds...

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Fresh Wild Fish for Sushi Rolls

OK, before I start, I know someone will take issue with some of the terms used here. I understand that this is not traditional sushi. This is Americanized sushi. However, it's still popular, at least in our house. I'm also relatively new to making su...

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Fishing for Food and Fun: Selecting a Rod and Reel

If you know anyone who is a regular angler one thing you may have asked is "Do you really need that many rods and reels?". I can guarantee their spouse has asked the same question. The answer is for the angler is always a resounding "YES!". Explainin...

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10 Reasons Why I Never Apologize For Being a Hunter

There is a small group of loud and vocal people who are opposed to hunting. It's hard to miss if you spend any time on social media. They will present arguments that are based on emotions and not science. For this reason I do not debate with these pe...

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Mushroom Madness: Hunting the Wild Mushroom

It was late afternoon, April 12th. My birthday. I was hunting turkeys, but the morning had proved to be in their favor. I had harvested a jake a few days before, so I wasn't too concerned. But I wasn't yet ready to head home. Besides, turkeys will of...

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Fishing for Food and Fun: Getting Started

Fishing has always been a part of my life. I have many memories of my dad waking me up in the middle of the night to take me to the lake to trout fish. He would wake all of us kids to tell us that he was going fishing. If you got up, you got to go. U...